Week 1

I have followed several people through the blogging world and have always been interested in starting one myself, unfortunately my life hasn't been interesting enough. Not to say that my life has improved in the interest department but recently I decided it would be a good tool to motivate me.

A little while ago I watched a movie called "That's what I am". In the movie several of the character's make the statement "I am (blank), that's what I am." After the movie I thought, what am I? I don't think I am necessarily one thing, I don't think anyone is but....

 "I am a child of God, that's what I am."
"I am a runner, that's what I am."

Those are those two statements that first came to my mind.

God created me. He knows me from the inside out. He knows my fears, secrets, and aspirations. He has seen me stray away and than come running back to Him and each time He has opened His arms and embraced me. My God is an amazing, loving, merciful and just God. I don't deserve His forgiveness nor the opportunity to have a relationship with Him yet He gives both so willingly. I am His child.

I believe God has given me both a gift and a passion for running. I remember starting to run at the age of five. I loved it. My Kindergarten teacher was one of the first people I remember encouraging me to pursue running further. I continued running, but I also did other sports such as soccer, gymnastics, and even dance at one point. The only sport that lasted was running.

In sixth-grade I joined the Frederick Striders. Coach Debbie was amazing. She taught me how to work hard, push myself and in the end I loved running even more. I owe her a great deal of credit to my successes in running.

Finally I reached high school. My freshmen and sophomore year of running is where I peaked thanks to the coaching and support of Jennie Novak. She really took the time to get to know me as a runner as well as a person and used her knowledge to form me into an even better version of myself. She left Frederick High after my sophomore year. My junior and senior year I was not as successful. I had been spoiled with brilliant coaches so in my junior and senior year I actually declined in my progress. For a long time I blamed that decline on my new coaches but I  know now that I was wrong to do so. Yes I do still believe that they didn't really know what they were doing but I had a terrible attitude and gave up during practices. I made the mistake of not taking the initiative those two years.

After I graduated high schoool I decided to attend Grace college. The coach from Grace called me that summer and asked me to join the team and offered me a scholarship. By that point I was worn out and just wanted a break so I turned it down, another mistake on my part. I transferred to Liberty University my sophomore year for one semester and considered running for them but decided against, mistake number three. Finally I came home second semester and begin working full time as nanny and taking classes online.

For the past three years I have wasted away a gift. It wasn't until recently that I realized what I had done. I don't want to say I regret anything because I believe God has a purpose behind everything but I am saddened by what I did. The difference between than and now is that I have decided to take the initiative. I am not going to run for a school (not right now anyway, I don't know if that's where God wants to lead me, but if it is I am up for it) but I have decided to run with a purpose.

My purpose: Run and bring honor and glory to God in the process.

This is my first week of training and though it has been difficult getting back in shape I am excited for the things God has in store for me and excited to share those things with the rest of you.