23 Life Lessons from Gilmore Girls Season 1

The other week I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Gilmore Girls Reunion Panel and then weirdly enough felt the sudden need to watch the whole series again. So I did.

1. Coffee is essential.

2. Happiness usually conicides with sluttiness.

3. But not always.

4. Going commando because you're lacking clean underwear is completely acceptable.


5. It's never a good idea to date your daughters teacher. No matter how good he talks.


6. It's important to clean out your closet every once in awhile. 


7. Shoplifting is completely acceptable as long as you have a good reason.

 8. Fuzzy alarm clocks are not reliable.


9. It's OK to embrace your need for T.V. and movies.

10. Inviting a boy over to watch a movie requires actual effort. Plan accordingly. 

11. It's important to find friends that share common interests.

12. Unless you want your shirts stretched out only loan them to smaller chested friends.


13. A set of twins marrying another set of twins just shouldn't happen.


14.  Deer don't abide by the rules of the road.


15. Avoiding the phone is A.O.K. even if it's your job.


16. It's important to wallow.


17. You should have a break-up box because you never know when you might get back together with them.


18. When you love someone tell them.

19. And if said boy really loves you he'll build you a car from scratch.

20. Even in your 50's your mother-in-law can still drive you to insanity 

21. Bad days happen to the best of us.


 22. Always be BFF's with a chef. The benefits are endless.


23. And finally every girls should get 1,000 flowers at least once in her lifetime.


*Season 2 life lessons coming soon

The Ultimate Showdown

There's no doubt chocolate chip cookies are my love language. It can be in ice cream form, sandwich form, pie form, but the very best form will always be an actual cookie straight out of the oven. I'm super proud of the fact that I can make these just out of the oven cookies from scratch. I know it isn't rocket science, but I have been told my particular cookies could have won the blue ribbon at the Frederick Fair. So yeah, they're kind of a big deal. BUT sometimes the cookie need is so strong that I don't have time to mix all the ingredients. This is also known as lazingitis. So a few days ago the need was strong and I was "under the weather" so off the grocery store I went. That's when I was faced with the difficult decision: Nestle Toll House or Pillsbury? I wanted the very best obviously, but I didn't actually know which one that was. What's a cookieholic to do? Well I thought the only fair thing to do was to buy both and have a competition. I'm all about being fair.

The Competitors

The Judges  

 The Results 

Elise: Nestle Toll House by a landslide. Nestle is more traditional with that perfect bitter-sweet-grandma taste. Bonus: They only take 10 minutes and came out perfectly. Pillsbury was much sweeter which is not my cup of tea and also took significantly longer to bake, like 18 minutes, and I ain't got time for that. Bigger is not always better.

Vince: Pillsbury is better.

Next up on The Ultimate Showdown: actual homemade cookie recipes. Get excited folks.

Mom Goggles

A while back I was graciously invited to move in with friends that I have known since high school. I was a little hesitant at first because I'm a package deal, so where ever I go Scout goes. My friends also have a package deal that responds to the name Gideon. He's a whole lot younger and whole lot more energetic than Scout, so when we started talking about me moving in we obviously had to discuss how Scout and Gideon would get along.

Urban dictionary defines "mom goggles" as: like beer goggles, mom goggles cloud the wearer's vision making their child look absolutely perfect in their eyes. Works with looks, intelligence and skills.

I started raving about my precious angle baby: "He hasn't had an accident in doors in years." "He's so calm." "He gets along with all dogs." "He never barks." "He mainly sleeps so he's incredibly low maintenance." On and on I went 100% confident that Scout would be no problem.

And then moving day arrives.

First 5 minutes: Pees on a plant in the living room

First hour: Attacks Gideon

First three days: Attacks Gideon two more times and growls multiple times

My mama goggles came off real quick.

Luckily it was just a fluke, an adjustment period, he was sleepy, he was in a new environment, he was nervous and scared. He's back to being my perfect angle baby.

Ok, so maybe my mom goggles never came off, but can you blame, I mean just look at that face

*Scout and Gideon are thankfully friends/tolerate on another now. Scout even allows him to drink out of his water bowl at the same time. nbd

I wish teleporters were real

Kind of chose the worst time to re-enter the blogging world didn't I? But I have officially driven from Texas to Pensacola where I watched the boy graduate and realized the boy doesn't know how to pack, to South Carolina where my hatred for driving in the rain only grew deeper and I slept like a baby on a recliner, to North Carolina where I realized I had mom goggles on when it came to Scout, to Missouri where I got to introduce the boy to crazy Holst clan for the first time, back to North Carolina where I had my very first interview at my dream job and decided to be a hermit for a few days to recuperate. I'm exhausted just typing that all out. Sooo, I'm going to take this weekend to bond with my bed a bit more and then I'll be back at it on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Any exciting plans this weekend?
Where are you traveling to this summer?