The Band of Brothers Stories: Foustin

Everyday I am reminded of how important peoples stories are. Right before I left Rwanda I sat down with each of the guys from His Imbaraga and had the privilege of hearing just part of their stories and now I get to share some of them with you. 
Foustin is the manager of His Imbaraga and my right hand man. He is the hardest worker I know, he loves to chat, has a child-like faith, and the biggest heart. 

“I live with the old man (father and mother), son, and sister Zwady at sewing school. Father is 82. I was trying to build my house. This house Tara helped me buy the roof but the house is not finished. My dream is to get the best house. The window is not corresponding with the house and the back of the house has been closed with no windows in the back. It’s my own house, I have all the documents, it’s mine. But it’s not like I want. I have the vision to build this house. If anyone gives me an opportunity I am interested in finishing my house. It’s big work to finish, it’s expensive. My vision can be finishing. If God helps me with to finish this house. Sponsors have this commitment to help me I am very serious to thanks them and finish my house. This is my vision only. If you return you can greet and thanks them and continue this good heart to help other person. God can thanks I’m sure my God can thanks them because they have good heart to help the others for different country. And they can be thanks for them for God I know and I am sure of this.”

Foustin took me to his house once and I was able to meet his parents. He was like a kid at Christmas time showing if off to me. He couldn't have been prouder that he owned his very own home and was able to support his parents. I walked through his doorways with no doors, onto his bumpy dirt floor, looked up and saw the sun peeking through the tin roof. This is where his family lives, sleeps, eats. And you know what? They don't complain, they celebrate! They recognized this house is a blessing. They know that not every person in Rwanda has a place to rest their head at night, let alone own their own house. And so they celebrate with great joy and praise God for his continued provision. I apologize for the poor quality in photos below. 

*Foustin's father passed away a few weeks after my visit. I was able to to attend his funeral and even though I didn't understand a word that was being said I could still clearly see that this man was loved by many who were confident he was resting in Heaven with his Father. 

Foustin is still using his salary from His Imbaraga to take care of his mother, sister, son, and finish his house. Becacuse you see, His Imbaraga is not just supporting 20 men, it is supporting 20 men and their families. Foustin is just one of the many men that have a story to tell. He is just one of many that I am passionately fighting to keep employed. Sometimes this can all be overwhelming and confusing but during those times God always reminds me that he is in complete control. I may not know what I'm doing, I may need a whole lot of help, but God is capable. I trust that He will take this as far as He desires no matter my weaknesses. I will work for these guys as long as God allows me to because they are his children, they are loved, they deserve to have someone invest in them, they are important.

If you would like to support Foustin and the rest of the Band of Brothers you can go to His Imbaraga's website and donate or purchase one(or two, three, four...) of our products. When you donate or purchase a product you are making a difference, not just in the life of one, but in lives of many. 

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