Our Story: Part 3

Took a little break there didn't I? Life got a smidgen hectic for a real quick minute and if I have the time (aka I don't feel like watching Netflix) maybe I'll write about it, but first, because Vince sent me flowers and I'm feeling extra mushy and loved I'm going to write part 3 of our story. If you missed part 1 you can read it here, and for part two click here. Now, onto the good stuff.

After dropping Vince off at his hotel I obviously rushed to my best friends to tell her all about it. Because we're girls, and that's just what you're supposed to do. We had been talking about him for awhile so to actually have some new information to obsess about was like finding a pot of gold and the end of a rainbow with a unicorn. I was happy as a clam to chat away and over analyze little details. We even devised a plan. You see, at the rehearsal dinner Vince just happened to mention more than once that he was going to be stuck at the airport for something like 8 hours before his flight actually left. Being the little analyzers that we are we figured out that this was a secrete code that meant he wanted me to ask him hang out for the day (obviously). So our plan was pretty simple and straight forward, but to someone like me also terrifying. Still, I decided if he mentioned it again then I would be brave and do something I have never done before and ask a good lookin' guy  to spend the day with me. *It should be noted that I later found out that that was actually Vince's plan. 

All geared and prettied up I headed to the wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception celebrating two people becoming one. I was and still am honored they asked me to be a part of their day.  The only bad thing about the reception? It required me to dance. In front of my family and really close friends I'm a spazz monkey. At my cousins wedding last summer my mom told me I looked like I was doing a jazzercise video. But in front of a majority of strangers? Forget about it. I'm as awkward and shy as can be. I did actually go into the bathroom at one point to avoid a group dance. I told you, I'm weird. I think I danced a total of three times. All three times I was forced. The first time a groomsmen asked me to dance. The second time was another group dance. The third time,the last slow song, on my way to sign the guest book, Vince asked my to dance. I am still slightly upset that I can't remember the name of the song, and I have no idea what we talked about, but I know I had to talk myself into breathing the whole time because the excitement was almost too much. And that wasn't even the best part. No, no, the best part of the reception was when Vince mentioned again that he would just be hanging out at the airport. The plan. It. Was. Happening. I took a deep breath and told him, if it wouldn't be weird, and he would want to, because he doesn't have to if he likes hanging out in airports, but if he doesn't, I could spend the day with him and drop him off at the airport at a more reasonable time. Sucker fell for the plan, hook line and sinker and said yes. Maybe five minutes later Stephanie came up to me and said she had heard I was going on a date with Vince. 1. I didn't think it was a date, but I'll take it 2. Those Marines are little gossips. That night I got a dance, a number, a "date", and a hug. What can I say, I got game. 


There's not going to be too many more "parts". But there will be at least one more, or maybe two if I'm feeling generous. Ok ok, there's probably going to be three more, and I'm almost close to promising that's it.