The Glass is Half Full

Yesterday was the first time I had seen the sun and actually had time to ride my bike before it got dark. I got home at 6:30 from work ran upstairs and changed and than I was gone. I was feeling good and the weather was perfect. I had gone about 4 ½ miles when I looked down and noticed the tire was a little funny. My first thought was my Mom. She had told me to always bring a cell phone with me just in case something like this happened. My phone unfortunately died at work and I didn’t think the sun would be up any longer if I waited for it to charge so I left without it. I came to a stop and felt the front and than the back just to compare (I’m not race bike expert and the tires are so tiny I wasn’t sure if they were supposed to be bouncy…they weren’t). The front tire was in fact flat. So I hopped off and walked my bike about a mile and half and than I carried it for another 3 ½ miles back home. At first I was upset that I didn’t get to ride my bike the 17 miles I had planned but as I was walking back I realized it was actually a gift from God. I was able to slow down relax and enjoy God’s beautiful creation for a little over an hour. The sky was that perfect fall mixture as the sun was setting and the views were magnificent. Our God is truly amazing.

Along the way I was also able to see turtle road kill for the first time (that was disgusting) and five people stopped and asked if I needed a ride the last two miles. I declined all their offers but thanked them for being so considerate and willing. I was actually very surprised anyone would be willing to do that let alone five people.

After I got home I went for a nice run, showered and enjoyed the Office, Parks and Recreation and, Community with my parents. All in all yesterday turned out to be a great day for training as well as worshiping God and spending time with family.

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