Things here have been....well, slightly stressful.
I love making lists and I love crossing things off that list.
Unfortunately for me I've been adding more then I've been crossing off.
And for my little OCD mind that's just too much to handle.
The power has been off in the house more then it's been on in the last week.
I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do when I get home.
Which just so happens to be in 76 days. Not a whole lot of time folks.
Trying to write those stories for ya'll but not actually wanting to write.
Working on website content that is proving more difficult.
(Because of that whole not wanting to write thing.)
Waiting waiting for Kenya leather to finally makes it's glorious appearance.
Praying praying for some glorious being to come along and be stressed with me.
(At this point they would be like my unicorn.
And I don't know about you, but I've always wanted a unicorn.)
Speaking of mythical things, I'm also searching for a money tree. No luck so far.
Not being able to eat my girl scout cookies because I gave up sweets for lent.
Not knowing what the heck this whole Harlem Shake business is all about.
Having no new pictures to instagram.
Never seeing an episode of Duck Dynasty.
Nick and Jess are still not together.
Life is pretty rough at the moment.
But life is also pretty wonderful all the time.
I get to wake up every day and live a life filled with.........
I think that makes all those other little things that aren't so pleasant worth waking up for.
Don't you?


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