April already

Drinking vanilla protein shakes....they're not so delicious. 

Appreciating all the things my parents do for me. They're really something special. 

Watching Lost. It kind of makes me want to be stranded on an island for a bit. I mean, I wouldn't mind doing some hiking, climbing some trees, and living on a beach.

Laughing at Ange practicing Kempo. 
Eating cookies like I breathe air. 40 days is really just too long. 

Craving watermelon. When I get back to the states a whole day will be spent eating only watermelon. 
 about possibilities. 

Waiting on Kenya leather. Still. Maybe Monday the waiting can stop? 

a little family trip. 

Wondering how this whole school thing is going to go after taking a year off. 

Sleeping like a baby. 

 Sun Stand Still, Cut, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. One book is never enough. 

 with faith. 

Wearing pajamas. I only put on real pants when it's absolutely necessary. 

new ideas for His Imbaraga. 

Making plans but knowing that God can easily change them and being more then OK with that. 

Feeling genuinely happy with just a little sprinkle of stress added in. 

Getting ready for April 19th. 

Loving that all the kids are home from school for a little while. 

Crying...or not some much. 

Listening to my itunes on shuffle. I like surprises. 

Acknowledging that the Dove experiment was an awful one. 

Enjoying Tony Horton's commentary once again. That man really knows how to crack a joke. 

Thankful for all the people that have donated, helped in some way, sent encouraging emails/messages/letters, prayed, spread the word. You guys are awesome. 

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