I actually managed to write five real deal posts! Well, if we're being honest, I wrote ten posts and am just being lazy rewarding myself for completing my goal with a "currently" post. I'll get around to sharing those other five in the far distant future. 

Drinking peppermint mochas out of those magical red cups once again. 

Appreciating Trying to appreciate this season of preparation. 

Reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac. 

Craving homemade chocolate chip cookies. 

Watching way to much TV. I need to cut back. 

Going to the gym. I like working out. I do not like going to a gym to do it.

Laughing, still, at this. I cried the first two times I watched it. 

Eating macintosh apples like my life depends on it. 

Dreaming about summer. Not the season, that is gross, but the changes it's going to bring

Waiting for answers. 

Planning absolutely nothing. I prefer surprises. 

Praying about what's next. 

Sleeping a-maz-ing now that the clocks have turned back an hour. 

Missing Rwanda. I just realized yesterday I have been home for 5 months. 

Wearing "real" pants. Or at least trying to. 

Considering getting my pinkie touched up. It's looking unreadable. 

Working on this nonsense called school. 

Loving the fact that todays high is 46. 

Acknowledging that dyeing my hair was an awful decision. Advice: just don't do it. 

Enjoying all of the Christmas decorations. (Even if everyone else is peeved about it.)

Thankful for God sized problems. 

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