Our Story: Part 1

So as you may, or may not, have noticed in my catch-up post, I called my fiance Vince "fake boyfriend"/"cyber boyfriend". If you're thinking match.com, christian mingle, or any other dating site, you would be oh so wrong.....

In late April, early May of 2012, right before I left for Rwanda, my high school sweetheart friends came by to say goodbye. I'm pretty certain I was wearing hair curlers and looking ridiculous but that parts a little fuzzy. Anyway, we got to chatting when Stephanie told her soon-to-be-husband, Moises,(this is me ad-libbing of course), "Hey, you know who she should meet. Vince." "Oh yeah, he's obsessed with Africa, won't shut-up about it." That's basically all that was said on the subject matter, but naturally my nosey curiosity built-up and a little Facebook stalking was necessary. Now here's the thing, I was in the middle of taking finals, and getting ready to say goodbye to my family and friends for a year, and move to a third-world country. Clearly I was in no state to be making any kind of rational decisions concerning boys. And this is why after my Facebook stalking I wasn't all that interested. Mind you, not disinterested, but not interested enough to turn full on crazy. 

Then one night in August I got a Facebook message from none other than the Africa loving boy. He introduced himself, talked about how he wanted to do missions work in Africa, and then asked me a couple of questions about what it was I was doing and how I got involved in it. Now, I can be pretty oblivious and naive at times. If a boy is talking to me my first instinct is not, "Oh, he's trying to get with this." Nada, it's always, "He's just being nice. He wants to be friends." When Vince messaged me I genuinely thought he only cared about learning more about Africa. Later, like over a year later, I found out three specific things. 

1. Moises had been talking me up to Vince since the end his Junior year. It was the beginning of Vince's senior year when he started messaging me. 

2. Moises showed Vince this picture to seal to deal so to speak. 
Now, I am kind of super embarrassed by this photo. I mean, why in the world am I laying in the snow posing with a pillow in the dark? Let me tell you, girls do some weird things that they think are real cute at the time but really aren't. So basically, I'm giving your the a-ok to laugh and make fun of me for this. 

3. While Vince cared about what I was doing in Africa, his intentions were to get to know me through using our common interest in Africa. Aka he wanted to get with this. 

To be continued.....


  1. Hahah that last pictures is hilarious!! Love the story so far!!

    1. It really is. But hey, look what it got me ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Taking me awhile for that part two, but hopefully today I'll be able to actually sit down and get to it already.

  3. Ha! You are so funny. Off to read the second part....