Philanthropy Watch Company

I am fortunate enough to work as a nanny for an amazing couple in Leesburg. They have two of the most beautiful, intelligent and funny little girls I have ever met. I love them to death and thank God everyday for giving me an opportunity to work with such a great family. Honestly I could not say enough good things about them.
Today I received an email from Phillip (the dad) telling me about a new project he has started. Below I attached the email. Please take the time to read it and considering giving to a number of great causes!  

I’ve been involved in fundraising for a number of years now, both with churches and non-profits. Although my consulting business is my main concentration right now, I decided a number of months ago to start a side project that I’m really excited about. 
Well, not only is it a lot of fun for me, but it’s a chance for me to be a part of something that wouldn’t be possible by myself.
I’ve called it Philanthropy Watch Company. And yes, on the surface it is a watch company. However, hopefully you picked up from the name that it is a lot more. Each Philanthropy watch purchase gives 50% of the purchase price to organizations and causes that make a difference. The best part is that the person purchasing the watch gets to choose where their support goes. This not only helps them give back to what is important to them, but it gets them directly involved in making a difference.
So why am I telling you about this?
My goal, although quite big, is to raise $5,000 to be donated through this “giving experiment” by the end of this year. That means I would have to sell roughly 500 watches. The remaining amount of funds will go towards expanding this concept in order to increase this goal for next year.
I need your help!

I thought this was a great idea and wanted to do something to help. These watches could be a great Christmas present, birthday present, or even just a little treat for yourself. Thank you for taking the time to read and considering giving! 

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