Halloween Throughout The Years

I have never been big on Halloween manly because I really don't like dressing up in a costume (or spending my money on a costume).  Even when I was in middle school while my brother and sister (yes, she is older) would go out trick or treating I would pass out candy with my Mom. I can only recall dressing up 2X since my elementary years, both time were not my idea, but I managed to have fun non the less. I was looking through my Mom's old scrapbooks today when I came across several years of Halloween's. There were a few "missing years" but the ones I did find I found pretty fun and I wanted to share!

                                                                               '95 Me
                                                          '95 Me and Kyle and some random
                                                                      '96 Me and Kyle
                                                                 '97 Kyle, Me and Erin
                                                                   '98 Me and Kyle 
                                                                 '98 Erin, Me and Kyle
                                                                 '00 Me, Erin and Kyle
                                                                  '01 Erin, Me and Kyle
                                                              '04 Alexa, Liz and Me
                                                           '04 Erin and her friend Erica
                                                            '10 Christina, Me and Hayley
                                               '10 Me, Christina, Jessie, Kayleen and Abbie

This year I am happy to announce I will once again NOT wear a costume but plan on passing out candy like the good old days in middle school.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

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