One Year Later

Tomorrow is a new year. If everything had gone according to my plan this would be the year I would graduate from college, move out, get a big girl job, and essentially start life. Instead everything changed when, exactly one year ago, I walked through the gates of Noel for the first time, and that so called plan was tossed right out the window. 

In the last year I went on my first missions trip, chopped my hair off, got pied in the face, lead my first bible study, and was a youth leader. I went skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, and on a safari. I traveled to Rwanda, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Kenya. I moved to another continent, became a mom, and started a business. 2012 has been filled with more growth, hardships, tears, joy, love, and fulfillment then I ever thought possible. I really feel like I lived life. And not because of all the things I got to do, but because this year I followed God with my whole heart. I thank God for His plans and for all the ups and downs this year of obedience has brought. I am ready for another year of living.

Last year

This year


  1. You're story is inspiring. I stumbled upon your blog a couple weeks ago and I am so inspired by your story. I'll be praying for you in this new year and I'm eager to see how the Lord uses you in 2013.

  2. Have another great year of living Elise! ... as what the character John Keating, in Dead Poet Society, said, "Carpe diem, Seize the day; make your life extraordinary!"

  3. This is great. I love how the story you are living is not the one you imagined and yet so much greater. Can't wait to see where you are at next year!