22 before 23

It only makes sense that I have a birthday bucket list. 

Knit a scarf
I really just want to say that I knit. 

Go thrift shopping
Other bloggers have inspired me. Plus I'm broke. 

Memorize 52 verses; One for every week of the year. 
I have the worst memory but I'm going to give it a try. 

Hike Mount Visoke
Crushin' it. 

Run a marathon 
I really want to come back to Rwanda next year and run in Kigali, but I may have to choose a place closer to home. We'll see. 

 Do a half iron man  
Thinking Oct 6th looks like a good date and the training looks brutal. 

Read the bible front to back
I've done this but not in a years time.

Shoot a gun
I've got my trusty red rider but I'm thinking a real one needs to be present for it to count.

Road trip to Ralphie’s house
Dreams will be coming true. 

Eat a hot dog from a vender on the streets if NYC
It just seems like the cliché thing to do.

Go apple picking
I like apple pie. 

Do a handstand
I did gymnastics once. 

 Ice skate in NYC
232 days till Christmas.

Try a food challenge at a restaurant
I'm a pretty good eater. 

Turn my room into a giant fort
Who wouldn't want to do this?

Spend the night in a hammock
They're just so nice. 

Color run
I'm ready to jump on that bandwagon.

Travel somewhere I’ve never been
A new country would be ideal, but even a new city will do.

Carry a baby on my back
I've lived in Rwanda a year. This needs to happen.

 Read at least two books every month 
I've been reading 3-5 books a month but once school and work starts I think that will be harder to keep up with.

Make two pinterest meals a month
I pinn way too much a do too little. 

Learn the Evolution of Dance
I really don't like to dance. Mainly because I'm bad at it and would rather embarrass myself in other ways. And then I changed my mind when I saw this video. I'm about to get 10X cooler. 

I'm thinking being 22 wont be so bad. 


  1. haha I love this!! You have such fun bucket lists:)

  2. love your list! we are such kindred spirits :)
    and ummm, a marathon in kigali!? lets do it!!