Crazy May

Drinking the last of my chia tea.  

Appreciating all the little things. 

Watching The Family Stone. I always end up watching it at least once a month. Not because it's great, but because it's comforting. 

Laughing at how crazy this last year has been.  

Waiting patiently. 

Wondering what's next. 

Sleeping to Christmas music. 

 Frozen In Time, Gone Girl, and Circle Maker. 

 for guidance.  

Making memories. 

Feeling at a loss for words. 

Getting ready to show off Rwanda to my mom, dad and brother. (13 days and counting!)

Loving His Imbaraga's new website

Crying over goodbyes. 

Listening to Phillip Phillips.  

Acknowledging that things are going to be changing very soon.  

Enjoying every moment. 

Thankful. Just thankful.  

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