The elderly have it made

So the other day while I was driving home I saw something wonderful. That something wonderful was an old woman wearing a flannel pajama set taking a stroll with her walker. I like to dress cute…for about 3 hours. The other 21 hours I would much rather be comfortable, and for me typically comfortable means I look ridiculous or as my mom likes to call those incidents “quirky” (thanks mom). I do manage to contain the quirk (for the most part) to my house. The times I have tried to look smashing I’ve been stopped (thanks mom and Christina). I still have dreams of the day I can strut my attire of choice and not give two cents about what anyone thinks. I already have a flannel pajama set so I’m one step closer to living the dream. This brave old woman not only remind me to reach for the stars by looking awesome but she also reminded me of all the other benefits of being over the hill take 2.  
1. I already said this but I feel like it needs to be on the official list it’s that important: You can wear whatever your little heart desires. Whether it’s a Worlds best Grandma/pa sweatshirt or flannel pajamas the world is your oyster so dream big.
2. There will be so many check marks on your bucket list. Oh the adventures you will have even Peter Pan will be jealous. Which brings me to my next point.
3. You will have so many stories to babble on and on about and people will listen because you’re old and they think you have wisdom or they feel sorry for you, either way.
4. You’ll have a growing old home. After all the adventures and moving about from place to place you’ll be old enough at last to just kick it in your sweet rocking chair, throw back a couple of butterscotch candies (because it's finally acceptable to eat those) and enjoy the calm bliss.
5. Senior discounts. ‘Nough said.
I could go on and on about the splendidness of being advanced in age but I’ll just leave it at that for now. 

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