Bucket List + Shoes

This past week I had to opportunity to go to Fort Lauderdale Florida with my best friend, Christina and her wonderful family for the second time. The first time in Florida I was able to cross off *Go banana boating* from my bucket list, this time is was parasailing. Parasailing was a lot of fun and terrifying all at the same time. I had a death grip on the harness the entire time and may have screamed once or twice but I am so glad I was able go.

I created my Bucket List a little awhile ago. I always have ideas of doing things but never really follow through. I figured this list would help me remember the things I want to do as well as motivate me. If I never do some of the things on my list I'm sure I'll survive (irony) but its still exciting to think of completing this list at some point (and possibly adding more to it and I cross things off.)

Bucket List

1.     Run across the country
2.     Iron man
3.     Go to a concert
4.     Get married
5.     Have kids
6.     Work in an orphanage in Africa
7.     Make a difference in my job
8.     Graduate college with a GPA I can be proud of
9.     Go on a cruise
10. Reach the top of Mount Fugi
11. Go to Alaska when its dark all the time
12. Sleep directly beneath the stars
13. Share my faith/lead someone to Christ
14. Read the whole Bible
15. Visit Tahiti
16. Go to Ireland
17.  Learn to swing dance and break dance
18. Decorate for Christmas my way
19. Play an entire course of golf
20. Snowboard the right way
21.  Take singing lessons
22. Ride in a hot air balloon
23. Go scuba diving
24. Go rock climbing
25. Learn to shoot a gun
26. Ski dive
27. Visit the wreckage of the Titanic aboard a submarine.
28. See the northern lights
29. See the Amazon Rainforest
30.  Go to a movie premiere
31. Visit all 50 states
33. Stay in the Plaza
34. Stay in a bed and breakfast
35. Go to a spa
36. Play black jack in Las Vegas
37. Buy a historic home and renovate it
38. Mush a dog sled
39. Swim with dolphins
40. Go on a safari
41. See the Radio City Christmas Spectacular
42. Go parasailing
43. Walk the great wall of China
44. Start a mock tail/candy bar
45. Take a cooking class
46. Donate my hair
47. Fly first class
48. Complete a food challenge at a restaurant
49. Visit Holocaust camp
50. Christmas in NYC
51. Ride in a horse and buggy around a city
52. Make an outfit (design and sew)
53. Complete p90X
54. Write in a journal everyday for a year
55. Read from the Bible everyday for a year
56. Ride a horse on the beach
57. Shoot a bow and arrow
58. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day
59. Ride a double decker bus
60. Ride a mechanical bull
61. Taking a boxing class
62. Sing in a karaoke bar
63. Go on the worlds longest zip line in South Africa
64. Get hit with a pie
65. Tour the FBI building
66. Take a road trip with my best friends
67. Go on a jet ski
68. Go banana boating 

I already have plans in the next few months to do a few more things on my list so I will be sure to keep you posted!


So this past week I have been running about 35 minutes everyday. My previous shoes were really worn out and causing me to get blisters so my parents and I went to If the Shoe Fits (best shoe store) and purchased some new running shoes. That very day I went out running and noticed that my pace was much quicker and I had no more blisters! So I am pretty happy with my new shoes.

September 3rd is my first race. A 10K run and I can't wait!

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