Father's Day

For a belated Father's Day me, my sister Erin, her husband Philip, my brother Kyle, my best friend Christina and of course my Dad went on an adventure on the Patomic. We started the day riding bikes for about 5 miles down to Harper's Ferry. We stopped and had lunch and ice cream. We were just about ready to leave when we realized my Dad's and Kyle's bikes were missing. We stood around debating what we should do for a couple minutes before we came to a conclusion. My Dad and I decided to run back to the car from Harper's Ferry. This was a little daunting to me for a few reasons.

1. I am just getting back into shape. That means I have only been able to run about 20 minutes this first week. I knew it would take me a little longer to run 5 miles.
2. I had just eaten a club sandwich, some fruit, a few fries and half a cone of soft served ice cream.
3. I really had to use the rest room.

I didn't have a watch but luckily I had brought my iPod so I was able to have somewhat of an idea of how long I had been running. I started off running and felt pretty good. Around song 6 I got a pretty bad cramp but I was able to push through it. Than after about 40 minutes Philip showed up with a bike for me. (Apparently the people to stole them thought that "they were for everyone.") I rode back to the car in ten minutes. After that little adventure we all went river rafting, than went home, watched a movie and ate pizza.

In my previous post I stated that I believe God has a purpose behind everything, and the statement continues to hold true. I would have never run 40 minutes unless forced, and yesterday I was. During my run I was able to talk to God and enjoy the beauty that surrounded me, the beauty the He created. God gave me an opportunity to run as well as an opportunity to spend time with Him, both unexpected and so appreciated.

On this belated Father's Day I was able to spend time with both my earthly Father as well as my heavenly Father making that day an amazing day.

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