November + The Need For Speed

Happy November everyone! This is an exciting month! Today I got my passport in the mail only making the fact that I get to Africa soon more real! I also had my second conference call with my VO (visiting orphans) team today! Every time I think, read or get to talk about Africa, well there really are no words so... I may not react like that but I do get super excited. God is going to do great things over there!
Other happenings this month:
1. Mud Dog Run
2. My teeth are finally going to be "perfect" (only took 7+ years)
3. I get shots for Africa
4. Notre Dame vs. Maryland game
5. A Christmas Story The Musical
6. Twlight (I am ashamed and so I give permission for mocking.)
7. My Dad's birthday
8. Thanksgiving
9. Black Friday
10. 25 (32) Days of Christmas starts
And those are just the things that are planned!
So today I decided to start the month of November off right and go for a 5 mile run and do a short sprint workout. One of the things I miss most about track is sprinting. During my high school career I literally did every running event except for the two mile (XC is 3.1 though so I could have, but luckily it never came to that. Props to anyone who ran that or does run that!). I enjoyed most of the distances I ran but my favorite had to be the 4X200. I loved everything about that race. I loved the girls I ran with (Paige, Bresha and Morgan), I loved the taking and passing of the baton, I loved the feeling I would get when the gun would go off and I'd wait for it to be my turn, I loved racing with everything I had in seconds.
When you run long distance your mind is your best friend. You have to be smart, overcome pain and convince yourself to keep moving no matter what. You have to know when to speed up and when to relax. You have to know what a good mile pace feels like and execute it. Distance is a mind game.
Sprinting is more rough. Your body is your best friend. You don't have any time to feel pain or really even think for that matter. Sprinting is based on instinct and speed. The second you take your first step you are releasing everything you have. It is almost uncontrollable, or at least looks it, which is exactly what makes it beautiful. I miss that feeling.
Tonight, with a slight fall breeze in the air I stepped up to the line, took a deep breathe, and pressed play on my iPod
I love sprinting. Tonight was great, not the same as sprinting with a team, but great non the less. I hope everyone else started November off right!

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