Well it is finally here, the day I leave for Africa. After a 14 hour drive back from Mississippi, I unpacked, only to repack for Africa. I have been up all night and still have a few more things to fit into my bags. Despite my lack of sleep and time crunch (not really I have two more hours before I leave for the airport) I wanted to post something before I leave. 
Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible! Africa has been on my heart for several years and today it is finally a reality! Your thoughts, prays and finical support mean more to me than I could ever express. I will always be so grateful. I know God has big plans for this trip and I can't wait to see those plans unfold and be used for His glory. 
I will be gone the 27th-7th and would appreciate the continuance of pray for myself, my team, the orphanages and the kids that we will be meeting. Below I have listed each of my team members and the orphanages we will going to. Please keep us in your prayers! 

Rachel Trippet
Sydnie Harper
Frank Pass
Scott Reekers
Alison Holcomb
Karlie Smith
Elaina Lawrence
James Lawrence
Cameron Lawrence
Chris Lawrence
Michelle Hall
Amanda Porter
Erik Jorgensen
John Moore
Chandler Clark
Wynne Elder
Rachel Koepp
Judy Washam
Merrill Durham
Michael Durham
Daria Leland
Glen Leland
Baylie Harper
Lacey Harper
Sid Harper
Wendy Harper
Kellyn Springer
Katherine Rowe


Kimisagra (December 29)
10 kids ages 0-5, 65 kids ages 6-16 and 15 kids ages 17-18
The Best Family (December 29)
20-25 kids.
Noel (December 31 and January 1)
105 kids ages 0-2, 65 kids ages 3-5, 98 kids ages 6-12, 116 kids ages 13-17 and 196 kids age 18 and over.
Imbabazi (December 30)
Between 67-95 kids. 
Korah (January 3 and 4)
Probably about 80-100 kids of all ages.
Kidane Mihret (January 5)
90 kids ages 0-17. 

Thank you again for all your support. I can't say it enough! 

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