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I just realized I have not posted since November! I am not all that surprised considering December is the busiest month of the year for me (remind you of anyone else) but non the less I should have posted by now and apologize for the delay on my updates. I know everyone has been waiting in anticipation (sarcasm). This will be a semi long post as a result but the majority of it will be pictures. Bare with me.

This category is necessary...well because it's pinterest! Today's categories: Running, Funny (but true at times), and finally Christmas.
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busy day!

In November 2010 I met Ruth's parents. Despite the fact that I knew nothing about babies they were willing to work with me! Truly a blessing from God. In late December Ruth was born. I met her in January and began working with her in February. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with this little girl. So as you can imagine my last day of working with her was a little tough. I will miss her but plan on seeing her as often as I can.

                                                          I went to her dedication
                                                                   She was so tiny!

                                                          She loved to show emotion!

                                                                            Last Day!

                                                           A Christmas with Ruth! (Dec 2nd Activity)

                                                (The other little girl I get to watch, Gigi)


Nov 30th Activity: Decorate the house

 Movie: (First time watching and it was awesome. I used hate old movies. My thought process "Why would I watch something in black and white when I can watch other things in color?" But after watching It's a Wonderful Life I have changed my thought process, and thank heavens. Old movies are awesome!)
 Dec 1st Activity: Ugly Sweater shopping!

 My devotion's this Christmas season. I really have only been digging deep into Simply Wait but once Christmas break officially starts I hope to dig into the other two as well! Simply Wait has been a great read and really has allowed me to remember the true meaning and purpose of this season as well as get into God's word. 
                                             Santa's favorite dessert and coincidently mine as well.
                                                         Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie!
 Dec 2nd Activity: Christmas with Ruth as well as downtown lights.
 Movie: Not really a Christmas movie. Will not be on my list next year, at least not in December.
 Dec 3rd Activity: Christmas Light Search! (I have seen many more houses but didn't take any pictures. I apologize.)

                             Love this house only because it reminds me of a gingerbread house.
 Movie: Amazing! I will be buying this movie when it comes out.
 Dec 4th Activity: Wrapping presents. Took my hours/days!

 Dec 5th Activity: Adventure Park Light Show! This was spectacular (trying to come up with different adjectives other than awesome and amazing)! The lights were timed to music! First time I have ever seen something like this in person. Was a little pricey but well worth it if a light fanatic like myself.

 Movie: "It's called carbo-loading. Best thing you can do before a race like this!" Will always be my favorite part.
 Dec 6th Activity: Miracle on 34th Street

 Favorite house. They said they have been doing it since 1941! I want to live on this street.
                                                              Robot Nativity Scene.
                         Boring side. (In my opinion. Still pretty, just not crazy enough for me)
                                                                   The Party Side!
 Dec 7th Activity: Pictures with Santa!
                                                             We got dressed up.
       Christina asked for a dog, I asked for a polar bear. He told us we wouldn't get either.
Movie: I love this movie! It would be a dream come true to be Eloise for a day. Hence why on my bucket list is have Stay at the Plaze.
                                (There are always more pictures of my activities on facebook!)

I think that is enough for now!
Happy Christmas Countdown Everyone!
12 Days 1 Hour 18 Minutes 20 Seconds

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