A Letter and More

Alright avid reader I'm about to drop a bomb. I will no longer be posting my 25 Days of Christmas List. Before you loose it completely let me explain. Back in my Maryland I was still working and completing school for the semester when Day 1 arrived. My 25 Days of Christmas List is what keep me going. Now that I am in Mississippi enjoying my break and family I would much prefer to just enjoy my days than post about them. If you would like to know what the remaining days consisted of you can either A. Ask me B. Look back at my previous blog post that gives the entire list C. Stalk me D. All the above. Choose wisely.

As I stated above I am currently in the glorious state of Mississippi. Why? Well, I'm glad you asked. My Dad's side of the family lives here. That includes: Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle James (Dad's brother), Aunt Missy, Kristen, Kelcey, and Sydney (the cousins). I love spending the holidays with my extended family, but since both families live 14 hours away and a teleportation machine does not exist (yet), that rarely happens. As a result I am really enjoying this Christmas season. Family, movies, food, games, shopping, activties, it doesn't get any better than this in my opinion.

Since I am depriving all of you in reading about my Days of Christmas I will share a new idea concerning Christmas. In a previous blog post I wrote how despite my illusions (Santa) being destroyed (Erin) I would continue to pretend and that included writing letters. I obviously (maybe not that obvious) do not write letters to Santa anymore but I do miss it. This year I have decided to write a letter but to someone different. This year, on Christmas Eve, I will be writing a letter to Christ. Instead of writing what I want and how good I have been this year to Santa, I will write how grateful I am to have everything that I need plus more and recognize that I am merely a sinner saved by His loving gift that is Jesus. I am more excited to write this letter than I ever was to write a letter to Santa. Jesus is why we celebrate this season, not Santa, (or any other commercialism you can think of) lets remember that this year.

And this year Christmas will continue past the 25th for me because the best present of all doesn't even arrive until the 27th. Thats right. On the 27th I will be flying to Africa! I can't even begin to.....so....excited!  That's all I'll say for now on that subject, since that's really all I can say.

In all my writing over the years I have always struggled with transitions, so once again I apologize for the lack there of in this post (and all posts).

Merry Celebrating!

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