Kenya Part 4

On the final day of safaring we woke up at the crack of dawn and headed out for another 2 hours in the park ending our safari adventure. I will say the only let down of the whole trip was the blatant lie we were told. “You are guaranteed to see the big five. The big 5 include lion, cape buffalo, leopard, rhino and elephant." Ya’ll we did not see one dang leopard or rhino and the closest we got to an elephant was about a billion miles away. Ok, ok, slight exaggeration, but seriously I could only see the outline of the elephants. Still counts, but I would have preferred to be closer…and ridden one…but beggars can’t be choosers I suppose.

On a different note, and a little bonus, we got to take a tour through a local village. Now when most people think “Africa” this is more what they picture. In my opinion anyway. I could be wrong, but since that’s never happened before I’m probably not. (I kid.) 

The entire village is related to one another so if they wish to marry they must go out to another village to select a wife. They can either pay with a cow or trade a sister. Oh and they are a polygamist community aka those men have a whole lot to deal with. The chiefs son was our guide and told us the most he had ever seen was two guys and both had ten wives…….....................Ok I gave you some time to digest, you can pick your jaw off the floor now. 

Their houses were made of clay and cow dung. They have to patch it up about every couple of weeks and it takes roughly two months to build one from scratch. 

They did some tribal dancing for us. The higher you jump the more attractive you appear to the ladies. And that’s apparently a big deal to these guys.

They created this cage to keep the leopards (apparently they exist) cheetahs, and other animals from enjoying a free snack.

They also showed us how they make fire. Alison and I were able to give it a go but I'm pretty sure they thought I was going to break their tools since I had no idea what they were telling me to do so they made us stop.

After our tour we hopped back in our van and headed the 5 hours back to Nairobi. Luckily this time it really did only take 5 hours. Our last night in Nairobi included a trip to Carnivore. Pretty much these guys walk around with meat on swords and it’s all you can eat/all your stomach can handle before you feel like your going to explode +salad +a potato +dessert=Food heaven for this rice, beans and cabbage eater. They had normal meat like chicken, lamb, steak, sausage, and about 50 other choices, but they also had ostrich, crocodile, and bull ball. That’s right, a bull ball. And I ate it. The ostrich, crocodile and bull ball. Ostrich and crocodile, not too shabby, the later, well, I had to resist spitting it out onto my plate. I am a lady after all.

And that was Kenya! Until next time….

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  1. Elise,

    Found you over at Meg's blog and had to comment here, too. I LOVE that you are documenting this for other's to see! What a beautiful journey of love you are on! Inspiring!

    I left a lengthier comment on your guest post, but wanted to say that I will be following your blog and taking part in the cultural beauty that you post. I would LOVE an opportunity like this one day... Enjoy every moment!

    Your new friend and follower,