The Big Reveal

A couple of days ago I presented my lovely readers with the opportunity to win a virtual high five from non other than me. All you had to do was guess where I was headed on that lovely plane I took. I'm not going to poll an American Idol and take my sweet time revealing the answer, so with further ado. 
*imaginary drum roll*
*ding ding ding*
Congratulations to those who guessed right! Enjoy this moment, you deserve it. And as promised here is your virtual high five.
As for those who guessed incorrectly, well, you already feel bad enough I'm sure, so I'll just leave it at that.

Now that you know where I was headed you're probably wondering why. Instead of presenting you with another opportunity to win an awesome prize I'm just going to tell you (sorry to disappoint). I went to Kenya to go on a safari! Now an African safari has been at the top of my bucket list before I even had a bucket list. I used to tell anyone that would listen that when I got married my honeymoon would include an African safari. Not because it's romantic in the slightest, but because that's the one place and thing I desperately wanted to go and do and I figured my honeymoon would be my only chance to go on such a vacation. Well younger me, you were wrong. You don't need no man to see some animals in the wild, you can do it all on your own...or with Alison and her mother, both options are acceptable.

As soon as the plane came to a screeching holt the adrenaline started pumping. I thought they were going to have to taser me to calm me down, luckily I was able to avoided that, but really, wouldn't that be a cool story. "Girl gets tasered in Nairobi airport due to over excitement about seeing animals..." Yeah, that would be a cool story.  Anyway, Alison her mom and I grabbed our things and were met by a gentlemen waiting to pick us up. Now it has always been a personal dream of mine to be greeted at the airport with a sign saying my name. The gentlemen picking us up had a sign, but it said Alison Holcomb. You win some you loose some.

As soon as we hoped in the car I was greeted by a heavenly scent. That's right, Maxwell (our driver) had a car freshener. It was gettin real fancy. As we started to drive I quickly noticed how smooth the roads were but that's not the only exciting thing I saw. I also saw a police car, a shell station, a goodyear, that little marshmallow guy that also looks like a chubby mummy (no idea what kind of company he is with but I recognized him and that's all that matters). By the time I got to the hotel my eyes had glazed over and I was in my happy place...and than I walked into the hotel where I was greeted with warm hand towels and juice. I'm pretty certain I was floating on a cloud at this point. (Please keep in mind that just like my taste buds, my expections for things like hotels, have also decreased. So what I thought to be amazing, any other American probably would have t

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and eating a heavenly buffet dinner that made my cloud sink a little due to the extra weight. That night I feel asleep dreaming of elephants, lions, and cheatas.

*Because I took nearly 1,000 pictures while on this safari
 I'm going to go head and show you a couple each post so I don't completely overwhelm you. *


  1. This is awesome! What an opportunity :)

  2. Amazing pictures! I love the cheetah one, I'm so jealous!

  3. Oh girl!!!!
    I am SO glad you got to go on a safari =) I went on one back on the mission trip I did to Tanzania!! How AMAZING it is to see the animals roaming in the wild like that! =) =)
    I totally still want to come live with you LOL
    Much Love,