That Wrok and Travel Flow

Well it is official, I am a workin' gal. Now I've worked before, but this is the big leagues. Like -went to Raleigh for training, got certified in a few different things, shadowed other employees- kind of serious big leagues. And it's all thanks to finally getting that degree that caused me years and year of headaches, late nights, and a few tears. But we're not going to think about that, only happy thoughts today.

Now, because I work for an organization that's opened 24 hours, 365 days of the year, my schedule isn't a normal 9-5 M-F deal. But because of this, I have already started to be more intentional with my time off.

In the next 6 months I am planning on traveling to: Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Tampa, New York, and......

Everyone spends their hard earned dollars and time on different things. Over these last few years traveling has become so important to me, and while I'm still unwed, with 0 kidos, I've decided to make it a priority.

If you have any tips/advice on things to see and do in any of the places I'm headed please let me know. Also, if you have any tips/advice on how to snag cheap flights, you'll probably be my new best friend.

And now I'm off to make cheapo spaghetti while day-dreaming about Paris.

Au Revoir

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