Weekend Recap

I have officially been a North Carolina resident for a month now, but until this last weekend I really hadn't explored much. Too be fare, where I live there really isn't anywhere to explore, but there is a lovely little town just over an hour away that I was wanting to check out. Lucky for me that happened to be where Vince's parents were staying for 4th of July weekend, and I just happened to be invited to crash their family get together. 

On the first day the weather wasn't cooperating so we all decided to spend the day exploring downtown Wilmington instead of hitting up the beach. Our first stop was food of course. We hit up Chops Deli, where we actually got to meet Chop himself. Not taking into account our celebrity spotting, the food was awesome and I would absolutely recommend if you ever find yourself in the area.

After grabbing a bite we hit the streets. We found an antique shop with a crazy amount of collections, an adorable boutique that I resisted spending any money at, even more adorable houses that caused me to go weak at the knees, a smanzy sporting good store, and several tattoo shops. (No branding, just browsing occurred). After all the walking we indulged in a little bit of ice cream from Kilwins and then wondered over to the USS North Carolina Battleship.

The Battleship was a huge, hot, maze. As soon as we went below deck I knew I would never make it in the navy. Ever heard of this little thing called claustrophobia? No sir. 

That night we decided leaving the hotel for dinner just wasn't in the cards, so he hit up the hotel restaurant instead where I discovered a new found love of blueberry mojito's *insert heart-eyes emoji here. Unfortunately I didn't actually order this drink, I just took a sip of someone else, but next time it's happening. 

On day two, also known as 4th of July, we hit up the beach and did beach things, hit up the pool and did pool things, watched some pretty fantastic fireworks, and then indulged in a little more ice cream (because vacation calories don't count). 4th of July hasn't always been my favorite holiday, mainly because of the crowds and inevitable traffic, so having such a low-key day was absolutely perfect to me.

It was a wonderful weekend spent enjoying the company of some pretty fantastic people, exploring a new city, and eating loads of ice cream. 

*I apologize in advance for the iPhone quality photos. Note to self - This is what you get when you're lazy and don't look for your camera. 

 Drooling a little just looking at this photo

 I literally told Vince the day before this photo was taken that I was so proud my cheapest pair of sunglasses, RonDon's from Tanzania, have lasted me the longest.

  I promise, I do actually like him

And Scout? Well, I think he had a pretty great weekend too.

Whats your favorite summer drink? 
What did you do over 4th of July weekend? 
Could you survive on a ship without passing out?

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