So I have heard other people write/talk about this little thing called pinterest and how it is apparently the best thing since sliced bread, oh and addictive. I really don't take other people's words for things but I am also one that doesn't like to necessarily follow the crowd (at least at first) BUT I am an extremely nosey person (not the most attractive quality I know) so yesterday after reading for the umpteenth time about pinterest and its awesomeness/addicting abilities I decided I had to see what it was. And everyone was right (go figure). I can't get enough of it! I found these photo (among many) from there that I had to share. 

                                                        Love it because it's so true.
Speaking of running. I am leaving the 17th for Mississippi till the 26th and than leave the 27th for Africa and wont be back till January 7th. Because of this very long break I will not be participating in any races until February so my blog with manly be about nonsense until I return from Africa. Just a warning.

If you have been following my blog than you should know by know I have a disorder. That disorder is called O.C.D. also known as Obsessive Christmas Disorder. For the last several years I have created my own 25 Days of Christmas List. I previously posted said list in October and in my last post I last left off sharing the Nov 24th and 25th activity and movie. So...

Nov 26th:
Activity- Christmas Tree Shopping!
A few years ago I insisted that we get a real tree and my parents were kind enough to oblige, and have every year since. For the last two or so years I have desperately wanted to cut down a real tree. It's generally my mom and I that go (despite the fact that I want it to be a family activity) so cutting one down was never really possible but this year I made sure my Dad and brother would be going with and...

...we finally cut down our own tree! LOVED IT! (I did anyway.) I always tell my my Mom how awesome my future family will be and how her grand kids wont be coming to her house but will be coming to Aunt Elise's house for Christmas. Why? Because I will lovingly force them to do family related activities and participate in traditions, which I will start. Pretty much my family has been holding me back as far as celebrating things goes so I will be going all out one day and I can't wait. (That's right, this isn't "all out".)
 Nov 27th:
Activity- Light outside!

 My Dad's awesome!
Nov 28th:
Activity- Decorate my room! (Took me several hours, but all worth it in the end)


Nov 29th:
Activity- Decorate the tree!


Today's activity was decorating the house and the movie was Christmas in Connecticut. (Pictures to come.)

But before I go I just have to share this little cutie.

Nat one of the girls I am lucky enough to work with. Love her to death. And who wouldn't? I mean look at that face. Enough said.

Happy Christmas Celebrating Everyone! 

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