Beniot's Birthday Bash

Beniot's birthday was Thursday
He originally claimed to be turning 15
But than later changed it to 14
A little bit more believable 
But I still don't want to actually believe it 
Well since his birthday feel on a weekday 
We had to wait to celebrate this weekend
But boy did we celebrate!
We started the afternoon off with the unveiling of a couple of presents
And than headed out for some lunch buffet style
After lunch we made our way to the lake to swim
And go for a joy ride, on a jet ski!
Checked that off my bucket list yes I did
The day concluded with some banana ice cream
A successful birthday bash if you ask me

The birthday boy himself...
and the other trouble makers 
*Compare his plate to everyone else's*
Plain Jane (or John in his case I suppose) just like his mama

*Bucket list accomplishment*


  1. I admire your faithfulness.

    Can't wait to read more about you and your adventures!!

  2. Hi Elise, I found your blog through Life is Bon and love it!!! And I really admire you for leaving your old comfy life and go on an adventure!!! Can't wait to read more adventures!

  3. It's so brave and admirable to have such adventure. It's also very interesting and absorbing to read your blog.
    A little late but Happy Birthday to Beniot!!

  4. i love your blog, and your son is so cute!