And I'm off again

I come from a military family so a love for travel has been imbedded into my DNA. My moving timeline looks a little like this: Florida, New York, Texas, Maryland, Japan, Maryland, Indiana, Virgina, Maryland, Rwanda, Maryland, Texas, and now I am off to North Carolina. The majority of my moves were with family, a few for school, and one I knew was only for a year. This is the first time I am moving by myself with no expectations to live with my parents again, and with that comes a lot of different emotions. I am a little nervous. This is completely new territory for me. I am a little overwhelmed. Graduation, starting my first big girl job, moving out of my parents house to a new city almost 15000 miles away. That's a lot all at once. But I am also excited. I love being independent and figuring things out on my own. My mom assigned a catch phrase to each of her children and mine has always been "I can do it myself." And so on Friday I will load the last of my things into my car, make sure the pup is comfortable, hug my parents goodbye, and then I'm off to experience something new, a little scary, and a whole lot of exciting.


  1. I'm pretty sure Nashville isn't on the way from TX to I'll just come visit you! ;)

    1. There's a beach. That's about all that I know NC has to offer. No guarantee that it's nice but you are welcome!