The business of growing up

So clearly I have gotten lazy about writing. Part because I felt I had nothing to write about and part because I would rather binge watch Netflix I watched the first 3 season of scandal in 3 days. Judge hard.

So besides wasting away my life watching Olivia and Fitz go back and forth what have I been up to? Well, I started and finished an internship at a homeless shelter, graduated finally with a degree in psychology, started job searching, and started gearing up for my move to North Carolina.

I'm excited to finally put on my big girl panties, move out of my parents house, and start working, but I'm also a little nervous. It's weird to think at 8 years old the idea of 24 seems so mature and put together but the reality is I still have to look at the void check as an example before writing a new one, I still feel like I'm doing something wrong when I order an adult beverage, I still wait before I'm out of underwear before deciding doing laundry is a good idea, and I still get pimples probably the biggest let down. So maybe when I'm 30? But probably not. Growing up is weird, beautiful, and never ending after all.  And just because I feel her pain...

Happy Thursday!


  1. Hey girl, heyyy! I totally watched the first 3 seasons of Scandal in 2 days... I mean, how can you not binge hard on that shiz?! So excited for your move and so excited to come visit! :)

  2. I can understand the feeling of not being old enough to order drinks and the like, but I was married at 24, so I pretty much had to have things 'all figured out' by then, haha. Just so you know, there is no such thing as having it all figured out, though. The moment I realized my parents are still learning and growing up until this day helped me realize that it's not about getting to a certain point or level in life. It's just taking it as it comes and enjoying the ride ;)

    1. That's so true! It really makes life more fun. And I would say you had to have it more than "figured out" when you got married. My boyfriend is in the military and the amount of things he's trying to teach me about how the whole system works is insane. Major props to you and all military wives.