Another change

Because I currently do not have a life I have fallen back into my night owl ways. Two nights ago I fell asleep at 9am and woke up at 330pm. Last night I fell asleep at 11am and woke up at 3pm.  When I move next week I am fully aware I am in for a rude awakening. But the whole point of me sharing my sad life is to say I have finally reached the point of netflix-can't-even-fix-this-boredom that I’ve decided to start blogging again. 

So now that I’m actually going to give the ol’ blog here a real college try it’s time for a change, both appearance wise and name wise. I am and will always be impacted by my time spent in Rwanda, but God has me on a new and just as exciting path right now, and I want my blog to reflect that. So this little blog of mine will go from Forever Changed ( to E-nuf Said  ( I'll continue blogging about everyday life, travel, and what God is doing, but I'm also going to start blogging about trying recipes lord help me, switching to more natural living, DIY projects, and whatever else I feel like in the moment. So basically we're going to be all over the place and I'm excited. I hope you continue to follow along! 

*new blog design & url to follow

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