Mom Goggles

A while back I was graciously invited to move in with friends that I have known since high school. I was a little hesitant at first because I'm a package deal, so where ever I go Scout goes. My friends also have a package deal that responds to the name Gideon. He's a whole lot younger and whole lot more energetic than Scout, so when we started talking about me moving in we obviously had to discuss how Scout and Gideon would get along.

Urban dictionary defines "mom goggles" as: like beer goggles, mom goggles cloud the wearer's vision making their child look absolutely perfect in their eyes. Works with looks, intelligence and skills.

I started raving about my precious angle baby: "He hasn't had an accident in doors in years." "He's so calm." "He gets along with all dogs." "He never barks." "He mainly sleeps so he's incredibly low maintenance." On and on I went 100% confident that Scout would be no problem.

And then moving day arrives.

First 5 minutes: Pees on a plant in the living room

First hour: Attacks Gideon

First three days: Attacks Gideon two more times and growls multiple times

My mama goggles came off real quick.

Luckily it was just a fluke, an adjustment period, he was sleepy, he was in a new environment, he was nervous and scared. He's back to being my perfect angle baby.

Ok, so maybe my mom goggles never came off, but can you blame, I mean just look at that face

*Scout and Gideon are thankfully friends/tolerate on another now. Scout even allows him to drink out of his water bowl at the same time. nbd

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