Life in Photos

We're not even half way through and already so much has happened

I've finished a stick of deodorant 

I stopped eating Rwandan food and starting eating PB&J's

 I feel in love with African tea

 I became a first time renter
*More on this later*

 I have gone on walks, taking in Rwanda's beauty 

 I, along with all of Rwanda, have entered rainy season 

 Which has made me want to eat and drink all warm things 

 I've discovered I don't like funfetti anymore

But I still, and always will, love chocolate chip cookies 

I ate my first salad in Rwanda

I spend the weekend in Kigali with my new family

And watched American TV on a real TV

We celebrated Ange's Birthday 
I held my first meeting
*Again, I'll explain later*

And I typed up this blog post lake side 

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Have a tubular Thursday! 

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  1. You have such a wonderful cause. My prayers are with you on your journey. Saying hi from Just Because Friday. I'm a new follower! :)