Meet And Greet Round Two

So, at our first meeting we only had 17 men show up. I told them I would be willing to employee 20 as our starting off point. Well, the next meeting was the photo shoot/interview, which I broke up into two days. At the end of the second day I realized I had talked to a total of 25 men.....Yeah, I don't know how that happened either. In all honesty is makes me a little nervous. That's 5 extra salaries that I have to worry about. But it also means that's 5 extra lives I can be impacting. I am trusting God. I am trusting that He didn't want me to have 20, but 25. With that being said, lets me introduce you to some more of my fella's. (Oh, and 5 extra guys means that I get to be older than few more. Score.) 

*All photo credit goes to the very talented Alison Holcomb*

Francois Xavier is an 18 year old with no family but is not a child of the orphanage. His friends mothers was gracious enough to take him into her household and care for him. This job means having the opportunity to prepare a future life for himself and fulfilling his dream of building his own house. His favorite artist is West Life (how come I haven't heard of half these people?) and enjoys preparing shoes. In mention of you he said, "I am to pray for them to continue this good heart for love."

J Nedo is 18 years old and lives with his brother. Like Francois this job will help prepare his future life, he likes West Life and making shoes. Unlike Francios, when asked about his dream, he said, "to be in a commercial." Funny story: See, in America a commercial is something that appears on TV in between programs, and believe it or not when I was younger, living in Japan, I happened to be in a commercial for KFC. I told Nedo this and jokingly said I could give him tips. Not even a smile. Ok than, guess my hilarity doesn't transfer here. A little later when talking to one of the older gentleman he also said he wanted to be in a commercial. To this I was a little surprised. Than he went on saying he had done it before but it's been awhile. Even more surprised. And than they told me commercial in Rwanda is selling things. Well, to say I felt like an idiot is a bit of an understatement, luckily hardly any of them speak English, so chances are they didn't pick up on it...I'm hoping. Anyway, Nedo wanted me to tell you, "Thanks them and may God continue to give them the good heart to help people." 

This is Boniface. Do you like his snazzy shirt as much as I do? Boniface is 18 years old and currently lives with his mother but dreams of getting his own house. This job will help him support is own life. His talent is construction and his favorite artist is Ricklose(?) (Seriously, I mean, I know I've always been a little musically challenged, but how in the world do people from Rwanda know American artists that I've never even heard of. I need step up my game.) He said, "I pray for them to help the other like they help me." 

Meet Diedone. His name means "Gods gift", which were the first words out of his mouth. Funny, funny guy. Diedone is a 21 year old child of the orphanage, however for the last 5 years he has been living outside of the orphanage by himself. This job means gaining knowledge, which is something he craves. He will use the money he earns to help pay for his studies of engineering in University. His favorite artist is Akron (Nope, not a clue) and his talents are football and giving haircuts. He dreams of one day becoming an engineer. He told me to tell you, "God bless you helping me in my life and to help me continue my study in University. Thanks."

Pacifikye is 22. He is living along with no family. This job will help him continue in his studies. His favorite kind of music is Regea and he enjoys playing volleyball. He dreams of helping others who have problems. He said, "Thanks."

Modeste is 24 years old and currently living with his mom. This job will help him in life. He does not want to be rich but wants to live in a good situation. Modeste loves to dance, his favorite singer is MNM, and he dreams of one day becoming a painter. He said, "I want to introduce them to gratitude for helping us."

After the genoiced, at the age of 7, John D'Amour entered the orphanage and has been living there for the last twenty yeras. This job will help him achieve his dream of becoming a mechanic. His favorite artist is Justin Bieber and his talent is Karate. He said, "Tell them thank you and to pray for them."

Daniel is 26 and currently lives with his mother. This job will help him to study in University. He hopes to study banking and business in order to achieve his dream of one day owning his own business. His favorite artist is Donmon (I've considered googling these people but if you knew what the internet was like here you understand my decision not to) and enjoys playing football. He said, "I am to pray for them to have courage to continue to help people and give them thanks." 

Piter is 21 and lives with his mom only. This job can help Piter gain knowledge and earn a living so that he may continue in his studies. His favorite artist is Chris Brown and he has a talent for construction. He dreams of one day studying construction in University. He said, "Thank to them for helping me finish my studies and pray for them." 

If you are keep counting you know I still have a few more guys to introduce you to 
but for now I think we will call it a day. 

We are in the process of trying to raise $15,000 
So far we have only raised $620
We have a long ways to go but are trusting God to provide
 And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus Phil 4:19
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  1. God works out all things for the good of those who love Him! {Romans 8:28} There are wonderful things in your future! :)