The Four Week Mark

Four weeks ago Alison and I boarded a plane to Africa
In only 4 weeks I have moved to another continent,
 into a house with a few awesome roommates, 
got a twin, more siblings, and a son. 
I have learned a few words in Kirwanda (and trying to learn more everyday), 
learned how to speak special English with a slight African accent, 

learned how to make paper beads/necklaces, 
I have ridden several moto taxi’s, several buses, opened a bank account, 
eaten more chocolate than all my years combined 
trained my hair not to be so disgusting after not washing it for a day
grown accustom to shaking every living souls hand within a 100 yard radius 
and as of today I have officially run on African soil. 
That’s right, I have decided to get back into shape 
in quite possibly the most difficult place,
due to the altitude and insane hills
 (Rwanda is called the land of a thousand hills
but really should be called the land of a billion mountains.
Am I being a tad dramatic...maybe.)
But let me tell you, it was not an easy run. 
I got many strange stares, questions as to what I was doing, 
and one point I had a trail of children running beside me, 
in sandals, skirts, and turtle necks while laughing the whole time. 
I felt pretty pathetic considering I was panting like a dog and going slow as molasses, 
but hey you got to start somewhere! 
It hasn't been necessarily the easiest four weeks of my life 
but it has been a full four weeks and I wouldn't trade a single second. 

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  1. Just an awe-inspiring blog you have my dear ) I look forward to keeping up with your adventures!

    xo Shane