I Survived

Part 2

The worst sound in the world rang through the cabin on Monday morning. That sound? An alarm clock. Luckily that morning I didn't mind waking up so much. That day was bungee day. That's right folks, I was prepared fling myself from a 44 meter height with only the support of a rope. 

And it was freaking awesome! Five of us went to jump that day. A random guy, Megs, Liv, me and Tara. We jumped in that order. Now I'm not going to tell you about their jump or show you their pictures (mainly because I think Megs would kill me in my sleep) But I can certainly tell you about my jump without any danger involved! For me personally the scariest part of the whole thing was walking up the stairs and standing at the top waiting for the others to jump. I was clinging so hard to the railing I'm pretty sure my knuckles turned white. But when they said who's next I decided to suck it up and was pretty calm after that. They first put on my harness and than had me sit in a chair while they tied the rope and what not on. Next thing I know I am standing up and proceeding to hop over to the ledge. My toes hung slightly over while I hung on to the roof. I did a quick wave to everyone watching, a thumbs up to Tara, let go of the roof, "3, 2, 1, bungee!", bent down to get some momentum, and than jumped. Initially it just felt like I was flying, but you know, there's this little thing called gravity so the whole flying thing didn't last long and soon my stomach and heart felt like they were making their way towards my mouth. Next thing I know I am nearing the Nile. I tried to touch it but sadly did not get that far down. After I flung back up I don't remember a thing. I was told on the way up I almost reached the top again. The way I look at it I pretty much got a free second jump. And somehow, without trying, or even realizing till looking at these pictures, I was smiling the whole time. Don't know how that happened. Finally the bouncing stopped, the blood rushed to my head, my ankles began to pull, and the nice men in the boat saved me. First time bungee jumping but hopefully not the last! 

Part 3 comin at you soon!

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  1. WOW - that's so amazing! =) Bungee jumping is something I'd LOVE to do, but I'm not sure if I'd have the guts. You got some truly awesome pictures, though. Glad you had fun!!