Saturday Shenanigans

Last Saturday Beniot and I got to spend the afternoon together away from the orphanage. We went to lunch where I learned he doesn’t eat meat, had never eaten pizza before (he didn’t like it), does like apple pie, and loves Justin Bieber.

We finished the day by looking at pictures of my family and friends back home and singing along to some of the Justin Bieber movie. 

Yesterday was another day with Beniot. We decided to spend the afternoon at the Lake with several other boys from the orphanage, Alison, Megan and Olivia. 

Side Note: Since I’ve never really mentioned it before but probably should have, I have four roommates; Tara, Alison, Ang and Fanny. Tara and Alison are both from the states. Tara’s been in Rwanda for a year and started No.41. Alison, who came over with me, plans on staying here for a year and is partnering with Tara on No.41. Ang and Fanny are from Rwanda and work at No.41. They are the sweetest girls. They really take care of all of us and we are so lucky to have them. I also have two temporary roommates; Megan and Olivia visiting from the UK. And yes, I do feel like I’m at Hogwarts every time they talk and I absolutely love it. I could not have picked out better roommates if I tried. 

The day consisted of waiting for a bus, the bus taking to long so deciding to take motos instead, fearing that some of the smaller boys would fall off their motos, not being able to get a moto for myself and having to take the bus anyway, swimming in the lake, someone stealing another one’s swim trunks, having our pictures randomly taken, moving to another part of the lake to avoid said picture takers, and treating the boys to fanta and cookies. 

I love this boy so much. And can we all just marvel at the December and now picture difference.



He is completely different from the boy I knew for two days back in December. Now he is always smiling, laughing, making me laugh, and talking. I am so happy and blessed, that I got to see this transformation and be a small part of it. (Not to say that he was never happy before, just with me there's been a noticeable difference)

On another exciting note; I got to cook dinner for the first time since living here. I used an easy squeezy recipe from pinterest and made fettuccine alfredo with bread and for dessert we all made peanut butter cookie cake with nutella on top. It was possibly the best thing I’ve ever eaten. Besides feeling sick for three hours after stuffing my face it was great day. 

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  1. Aggghh he's such a cutie! And yes he does look incredibly happy! And your dinner sounds absolutely delicious! YUM : )