A Uganda Adventure

Part 1

I started the day bright and early on Sunday. Like 3:40 am kind of early. Like the suns not up kind of early. Like I had to pry my eyes open and force my body to move kind of early. I think you get the point. 

Alison, Tara, Meg, Liv and I all arrived at the bus stop at 5:00 am for a 10+ hour bus trip to Kampala Uganda. The bus ride started off like any other, long boring and not entirely comfortable. But also like any other bus ride there were a couple of fun surprises thrown in along the way. For example;

I had the unfortunate task of peeing in a gutter. And when I say gutter I mean a curved hole in the ground no larger than the size of a tennis ball. Not easy folks!

I got to walk across the Ugandan boarder. The whole thing reminded me of the final scene in “The Mist”.

Followed by a marriage proposal. Let me explain. A man who works for the bus company said he wanted to be my friend and than proceeded to give me his number. About an hour later he announces he actually wants be married. As in I would be his wife. Pft, wants to be friend, what a bunch of baloney. Now mind you this man, who claimed to be 28 when he learned my age (lies, 35 at least) had only spoken 5 words to me. He continued in saying that he wanted to meet my mother and father to pay for my hand. Say what? Alison, Tara and Megs than began to barder with him. Lovely. Originally I believe he offered a whopping 6 cows. Tara was able to get it up to 10, no problem but than Megs chimes in and decided we could settle for 8 as long as the cows had really big horns. He was completely prepaid to pay up. The final straw; When we were paying for our bus ticket on the way back he decided to join in the process and picked out my seat for me saying “My wife sits here” and sat everyone else around me. Wowzer. When he asked me if I would call I quickly began searching my bag for absolutely nothing and said a quick maybe aka never. I'm practical still a baby for peets sake.   

We then took a 2 hour van ride to the middle of nowhere in Jinga where we saw what was to be our fate tomorrow.

That night I rested my head on what appeared to be a pillow made of cement and drifted off dreaming of being eaten by crocs and plummeting to my death. 

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