Confessions and Thanks #2

I must confess....

1. I once had a cookie eating contest. I ate 17. There was no prize, I simply love cookies and wanted an excuse to eat as many as I could. I think it's safe to say I won. And than felt very sick. 
2. I've never set E.T. and I don't want to. I think he's creepy and the poor mans version of Yoda. 
3. My biggest fear is a tie between public speaking and heights. 
5. I still have trouble spelling definitely, February and Wednesday....among other other words. Thank goodness for spell-check. 
6. I have a Christmas countdown on my desktop year-round. 
7. I like people to sit on my feet when they're cold. 
8. I was once in a homeschool book club….and I never read a single book. It's not that 

9. Before I had a dog of my own I would dog-sit. It was the only way I could pretend. One night some people invited me to the movies while I was dog sitting and I told them no. At the age of 9 I would rather spend time with a dog that a group of humans. Sometimes that's still the case. 
10. I don’t know how to rollar blade. The last time I tried (roughly around 9 years ago) I would only go 5 feet before I rolled into the grass. 

I am thankful for....

1. Guidance. A lot of times I have no idea what I'm doing, especially now with this whole business ordeal. I am so appreciative of all the guidance and advice people are throwing my way. 
2. All four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter all bring something special. 
3. The book Passion & Purity by Elisabeth Elliot. She is a wise woman who serves God whole heartedly in ever aspect of her life and I am learning a lot. I definitely recommend it. (See what I did there?)
4. Loneliness. It's not necessarily enjoyable, and I am not always thankful for it, but today I am. Before I came to Rwanda I would lean on my family, friends and sometimes, as an after thought God. This separation has forced me to learn to lean on God and God alone.  
5. For a broken heart. "If through a broken heart God can bring His purpose to pass in the world, then thank him for breaking your heart." - Oswald Chambers 


  1. I love your cookie eating contest confession. That's awesome. haha. Beautiful photo! :)

  2. Being full of cookies is a great reward for loving cookies. Hah I think E.T's head looks like a half sucked milk dud. It freaks me out. Ahh I love Christmas & I can't wait either. I found ya on the blog hop. I hope your having a great day.


  3. Sometimes I prefer to spend time with animals too. :)

  4. Hahaha, I think I need to have a cookie eating contest right now. With myself. i have a feeling I'll win.

    And sometimes... animals are just better companions than humans.

    Thanks for linking up!