Five Months

Five months in a third world country, 
away from your family, friends, 
and everything familiar 
makes your really appreciate all the little things like...

1. Shower curtains
2. Leaving your window open in the middle of the night
3. Being able to drive a car
4. Running on flat surfaces
5. Full length mirrors
6. Ice
7. Microwaves
8. Carpet
9. Clothes right out of the dryer
10. Back scratches 
11. Hot water
12. Powerful light-bulbs
13. Living next to a swing-set
14. Being home alone
15. Marked prices 
16. Singing at the top of my lungs for no one to hear
17. Having a kitchen in the house
18. Drinking clean water out of a cup
19. My mom french braiding my hair
20. Hearing the garage open and guessing who it's going to be
21. Doorbells
22. Unlimited calling
23. Fast wifi
24. Talking my pup for walks around the pond
25. Warming up in front of the fire place
26. Having my best friend live five minutes from my house
(except now she's actually living in my house)
27. Ceiling fans
28. Outlets that fit my plugs
29. Packages and letters being delivered to my door 
30. Cooking/baking
31. Towel racks 
32. A normal size fridge
33. Being able to run at night
(even though my Mom says not to)
34. Going to church every Sunday
35. Trash bags
36. Zip-lock baggies
37. Paper towels/napkins
38. Having a schedule
39. Lampposts
40. Hugging my family 

...just to name a few
These five months have changed me
in more ways than one
But just one of the ways;
I appreciate the little things a lot more


  1. Beautiful testimony. It's a super good reminder of all that we have to be thankful for. <3 Thanks for sharing.
    Alesha <3

  2. This post was lovely, and it brought back SO many of my own memories of living at home. French braids, back scratches, and garage doors opening were some of my favorites, to name a few. :)

    What your doing is amazing, Elise, and I know that the people you left behind are proud of you, even though I'm sure they miss you!

  3. This is beautiful and inspirational. We should all appreciate these things more :-)