Not nice and real nice

Not nice:
  • I was reading one night in my room. Just sitting there, all comfy, minding my own business, when I heard some terrible sounds coming from the inside of my armoire. I feared the worst; a mouse. After calling our night guard Fidel to the rescue my fear was confirmed. He pulled the thing out by his tail. That was not a nice night. 
  • Speaking of mice, and not so nice, I've had the pleasure of watching Bernie eat two mice. 
  • Oh, I didn't mention Bernie? That's weird. He's our pup. Our first one of three. 
  • Ollie, our second pup, passed away. 
  • Next came George (named after George Bailey. Yes, I love Christmas a little too much). He could not have been more than 2 weeks old. Last night he ran away. Currently we're offering a reward for his safe return. 
  • I think it's safe to say our puppy luck has pretty much run out. 
  • Right before George ran away he threw-up all over me...I also sat in his pee. Though I didn't enjoy either incident I still love and miss George and wish he would come back already. 
  • Having three dogs, not house trained, means I've been having to clean up a lot of their "business" these past few weeks.
  • I feel like I say business a lot. 
  • When I go running I can pretty much guarantee I'll have a group of kids join me for at least a minute or two if not longer. The other day I had a pretty good sized group, which means they were all a little too close for comfort, which resulted my in elbowing a kid in the face. (On accident of course.)
Real nice:
  • Fanny had her baby! And by golly he's the cutest thing. 
  • Bernie is still here
  • We got a new sponge for the kitchen. I may have gotten excited about that. 
  • I got a walking stick and without thinking proceed to swing it around like a pair of nun-chucks. Luckily there weren't too many people around. 
  • Staying in my pjs all day...also going to work in my pjs. 
  • Baking chocolate chip cookies and eating as many as I can.
  • Waking up early (Trust me no ones more surprised by this than me.)
  • Wrapping my hands around a hot mug of tea every morning.
  • My roommates. Nuf said. 
  • The amount of support and encouragement I have been received in just the last 24 hours. You guys are awesome. 
  • Working on getting an official logo. 
  • Figuring out the feed program. 
  • The guys have been getting things done. Wallets, passport holders, luggage tags, and my favorite laptop cases. Next up the messenger bag. 
  • His Imbaraga got a facebook page. You can go "like it" if you want. No judgement here. 
Bernie is on the left, Ollie is on the right

Oh George

Sweet baby 

So proud of those guys

And just because 


  1. Haha, busted out laughing that you elbowed some poor, innocent, most likely extremely loving child in the face. Poor thing.

  2. George Bailey... well, well!
    You know, my family's old dog, Bailey, was named after him as well.
    It looks like you are very busy, Elise!