Bucket List Update

So I have been able to cross a few things of my Bucket List recently

1. Sleeping in the bed of a truck 
Christina and I did this a few weeks ago. 
It was roughly 50 degrees outside but with the amount of blankets and layers we had on
 it was incredibly comfortable and warm. 

2. Play a real game of golf

I borrowed my Mom's polo (because I don't own one and wanted to look "golfy") and clubs
My Grandpa and Dad taught me how to hold the club and hit the ball
and in the end I actually really enjoyed playing. 
Watching it however is still incredibly boring. 

3. Get pied in the face
Some friends were kind enough to surprise me with this Thursday night

4. Go Skydiving

It was awesome!

 And finally.....drum roll please
(I don't know how to type a drum roll)

5. Donate my hair

I actually really like it but it does feel incredibly weird

 And in TWO DAYS I will be living in Africa!


  1. OK, when did I see you last?...a year ago? ;) You've done quite a bit lately!! Very cool that you went skydiving!

    About the hair...I admit you look adorable! (was there any doubt you wouldn't? I think not) but I hope that's not the last we saw of that gorgeous long hair :) I am very proud of you! I have a card for you - I'm headed to PA tomorrow. Any chance you can come by in the morning before 9? Or tonight, if you're not too busy. I love you!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I kind of want to live on your bucketlist!..? Or have it. I love everything from this post! Especially the pie in the face baha. And the skydiving! So exciting!!

    My Billie