My Peeps

So I have been struggling with where to even begin

I don’t want to bore you, I don’t want to over share
On the other hand I want to be real and not stingy on what I share
With that being said bare with me as I find a balance

I have been to the orphanage twice now
(Beside’s the first day where we did a quick walk through)
And have seen all of my kids expect for one
(Not counting the boys that are at boarding school.
I have two there, Bosco and Terry.)

Angel (who I called Angie in my previous Noel post…I’m really bad with names. Hopefully that will change) is the first one that I saw. I was actually leaving to go eat lunch when I heard my name being shouted and saw Angel running up to me. She remembered me. I would be lying if I said that wasn’t something that I worried about. Even after I cut my hair I had the delayed reaction of, “What if they don’t recognize me?!” But Angel remembered me. Not only did she remember me but she was excited to see me. We only had time for a quick hug but that was enough for my heart to do a little leap and in a way, remind me, that this is who I came for. This girl, and 600 other children, are who I came to love on. God’s perfect design is still overwhelming to think about, to experience, but I have a feeling that never goes away.

Kevin. I was dragged walking into the library when I saw her. She actually pulled out the chair beside her for me to sit. When I smiled she gave me a small smile. She was incredibly shy last time so I’m not really sure if she was just being shy, or if she didn't recognize me. I’ll have to ask her. I’ve been a little slow the last couple of days and things haven't been fully processing until several hours later, well after the fact. I hope that this is just a side effect of jetlag and will also go away.

Benoit (who I called Emmanuel in my Noel post. Yeah, I don't even know). But oh boy do I love this kid. I’m not really sure why I’m so drawn to him. Maybe because he’s a tough crowd? Maybe because I feel like he doesn’t receive a whole lot of lovin? Maybe because he’s quiet and reserved? Maybe because he’s just so dang cute? (For real, he has the best smirk) I may never really be able to answer that question but oh do I love him. Today when I went to orphanage my eyes were peeled searching for my kids. I ran into a boy I met last time, his name is John, and he began to tell me that Benoit was excited to hear I was at Noel and wanted to see me. My heart did a little leap right there. We were leaving for lunch again when I noticed some kids coming back from school. We decided to wait a bit and see if we recognized anyone. There were a group of kids already surrounding me when they all started pointing to the gate and saying “Benoit” I immediately jumped up and saw him walking in. He gave me the smirk right before I reached him. Angel was running up behind him shouting my name so I got a double hug. Remember how I said he’s a tough crowd? Right after our hug he walked away. Who is he foolin? I know he wanted to see me so he might as well stay and hang out a bit. He had better believe I am finding him next time and forcing him to stay by my side the rest of the day. I missed that kid too much not to.

So those are my peps. Like I said I’m still missing one but I plan on bringing a photo and asking anyone and everyone where he is.

Besides being at the orphanage I have been to Gisenyi to get a few things (money, a modom, blah blah) and a furniture store. That’s right folk, I got me some furniture. I have a room with furniture. I am no longer living out of suitcases because I’m gona be here for a year. Pretty awesome feeling.


Is it weird that I associate this song with Africa?
Just the last bit really. "Just smell the grass! The dirt! Just like I dreamed they'd be...."
Embarrassing confession: I planned in advance to listen to this as soon as I landed in Rwanda. 

And just a few pictures. I really haven’t taken many, but maybe I’ll get better at that once this slow brain syndrome goes away. 

Alison with her sweet girl

Oh and can I just say that I love that for the last two days I've watched Christmas movies. Yeah, life's pretty good. 

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  1. Elise, I love the work your doing, and I can't believe your going out there for a year! I'm going to Uganda in the summer for 5 weeks, but a year would be incredible!
    I hope God fills you with wonderful love and joy all year round and that you'll bless some gorgeous children! Looking forward to hearing lots of updates from your experience :)