New York City In A Day

New York City in a day,
now that’s some work right there.

My mom (Myra), sister (Erin) and myself hoped on a bus at 6 am to travel to NYC on Wednesday.

I didn’t sleep a wink the night before so luckily I was able to sleep for most of the ride there
There was the occasional moment when I would wake up and have to move 
because my arm, leg, butt etc. had gone numb.

Here’s the thing,
buses give the allusion of being comfortable,
but the reality,
they’re not.
They’re actually incredibly uncomfortable.

We arrived in New York around noon
We hopped off the bus with the intention of heading to F.A.O Schwarz
(Erin’s never been there, crazay, I know)
We tried the subway,
but were rejected
 and ended up just walking 15 or so blocks.

We had 45 minutes to peruse the store.
After which we made our way to the show, Jersey Boys.

I guess because the first show I ever saw was The Lion King
(followed by Wicked)
I was under the illusion that all shows on Broadway are “family friend.”
Well that’s not the case
Movie rating wise it was probably P-13,
but the audience, 
well they were on a whole nother level. 
Apparently there were a group of women, drunk, and still drinking, in the audience, making a ruckus. 

If you had asked me a few years ago to see a musical I would have laughed, and than said heck no.
What changed my mind?
Well first there was High School Musical,
(mock me all you want, I still love those movies)
than Hairspray.
That's when I realized not all musicals were like Sound of Music
Thank goodness. 

After the show we had the pleasure of eating dinner at the Stardust Dinner.
Having entertainment while I eat, what could be better?

Last but not least we booked it to Forever21
4 floors of pure clothing/shopping bliss
Twas lovely
And I managed to see it all in 45 minutes.
Fastest shopping I’ve ever done.
Probably a world record of some sorts.

The bus ride back was equally as uncomfortable
But this time we got to watch a movie, Just Go With It
So, that made it a little more tolerable.

We made it home by 12:30
And let me tell you, my bed has never felt more comfortable.

And that my friends, was New York City in a day. 

Some notable things said through out the day...
"I love hiccups. I think they make me sound cute." -Elise

"How can I make my nose look smaller?" -Elise

"Wait if youre going to post this I won't wear my hipster hat." -Elise 
"Yeah, good idea, you don't want to seem too cool" -Erin
 (All three of the above were said at 6 am, so that allows me a free pass to sound like an idiot)

"If they weren't so beautiful I wouldn't have noticed you."
-Man trying to sell my Mom tickets thought this "compliment" would work

"You're my mommy crush"
-Same man
Some notable things that happened through out the day...

Getting a stereotypical response from a construction crew

Mom almost being hit by a bus...more than once. 
Yeah, she would not survive living in a city. 

Me falling on the floor trying to get out of the booth at the dinner. 

We towered over ever person on that piano by at least 3 feet
Yeah,I kind of failed at taking pictures this trip
Entertainment from the dinner

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