Geese are scary. 
There, I said it. 

Today was a beautiful day, 
so Gigi, Nat and I decided to take a walk by the pond
and as a special treat we brought bread to feed the ducks. 

When we got to the pond there were no ducks in sight but there were a couple of geese. 
We started throwing pieces of bread into the water.
Only two geese were interested at first. 
But than...
they all came

They began to fight with one another over the bread
One kept hissing at us because we were throwing to slowly
And than they got brave
They started getting closer and closer

Well, after we ran out of bread thats when things began to take a turn for the worse. 
First a group of geese ascended from the water and began walking towards our left. 
Before we knew it there was another group to our right. 
Than two geese started come straight at us. 
We were soon surrounded by these horrid creatures. 
And these weren't just any geese, 
they were mama geese. 

Not matter which way we turned we were met with hissing, mean, angry mama geese. 
But we had to go somewhere because the two other geese kept getting closer,
pushing us against the fence. 

At this point I was scared. 
Than Gigi was scared. 
Natalie kept trying to get closer. 
And than she was scared. 

So what did I do?
The only thing I could do. 
Save the day of course. 

I scooped up both Gigi and Nat, 
got as close as I could to the fence,
(aka as far away from these geese as possible)
And walked/jogged right on by to safety. 

What an adventure.

 On our way to the pond...
 blissfully unaware...
 of the dangers...
 that lay ahead. 
 Feeding the two geese. 
So safe, so happy.
 We were having a great time.
 And that's when they struck. 
Attacking us at our weakest.
Clever birds. 
 They began to barricade us in on both sides. 
 Frightening, I know. 
But those geese didn't realize who they were messing with...    

 A dog, 
a princess,
and a "super big girl",
who loves the dog and princess more than she fears geese. 

And thus concludes the tale of how we escaped the psychotic geese.

*Tun in tomorrow for antidotes on my New York City In A Day trip*

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