Sx More Days

This morning the very first thought that ran through my mind; six more days.
That's it. 
In six days I'll be gone. 

It still hasn't hit me that in six day days I will be in Africa. 
That means I only have six more days with my family and friends. 
Six more days to pack (yikes). 
Six more nights of being restless thinking/stressing/anticipating everything that I still have to do.
Six more days of imagining what this new life will hold. 
 In six days I am leaving.

I know this to be true but it still doesn't seem real
I still can't wrap my mind around that all of this is real. 
That this is apart of my journey, my adventure. 
I never imagined that I would get to live out an adventure quite this big. 
But this is my reality. 
I have to keep telling myself that,
 Pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. 
But I'm not, I'm not dreaming. 
I could have never dreamt something like this would be happening to me. 
This is God. 
This is apart of His perfect plan for my life. 

I serve a God that is big, strong and powerful. 
I serve a God that is loving, merciful and full of grace. 
I serve a God who personally designed me, who created plans for my life.
Plans to prosper me, plans for a future, my future.
Part of His glorious plan for my life is this; 
To travel to Africa and love on His beautiful children. 
What a blessing, a gift in which I am so undeserving but so grateful I have been entrusted with. 

On Sunday I had the opportunity to talk to 4th and 5th grade boys and girls 
about what I will be doing in just a mere six days.
One girl asked me how I felt about leaving. 
I told her that I will miss my friends and family. 
That I will miss my bed, hot showers, and certain foods.
I told her that I did not expect life in Africa to be easy, 
 but Christ doesn't call His followers to a life of ease. 
He calls us to make disciples in all nations. 
He tells us we will be hated by men, and persecuted for what we profess as truth. 
For letting the world know that there is only one true God
and the only way to Him is through His son Jesus Christ
who was sent to this earth to die for mine, for yours, for everything living persons transgressions.
For we are all sinners, we have all fallen short of the glory of God 
But we have received a glorious gift of grace, we have been saved because of Christ sacrifice. 
So if you confess with your mouth and believe with your heart you will be saved, 
You will receive eternal life, a promise of living forever worshiping this perfect God. 
It is such an unfathomable gift, and yet is so easily attainable. 

This is the truth that we are meant to tell others. 
This is the gift that we are meant to share. 
God doesn't need me, He doesn't need you, He doesn't need us to make Him known
and yet He has chosen us to do just that. 
This is the responsibility that God has entrusted to me, to you, to all His followers. 
I am honored to be called to make disciples in all nations. 
I am honored to be hated and persecuted, 
because that means I am doing what Christ has commanded me to do. 
That means I'm doing something right. 
I can not wait to began making disciples in Africa 
all of which is only possible with God, who lives in me.

Six more days.

One of the many face I can not wait to see again. 

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