I did not think that word would be used so quickly
I did not think that word would be necessarily used at all
I am only 21, but still look like I’m 14
I thought friend, and sister would be the names given to me
But today, today, I received a new name
Today I became “mommy” to my sweet Benoit
When I heard that word, and saw the smirk 
My heart grew, making room for all the love
That a mother has for her child
I have only known Benoit for a short time
I know very little about him
He knows very little about me
We cannot communicate very well due to the language barrier
But all of that does not matter
God has placed me at Noel for a purpose  
I am sure there are many things He will call me to do while I am here
But for now I believe he has given me this role
I am now a mommy to Rwandan boy
And my heart could not be any more full 
Photo by Alison 

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