Let Me Tell You

There are so many things that have happened recently that I could tell you all about;

  • There was that one time when I had no water, it was late, and since the kitchen is outside I decided to just do without and swallow my malaria pill all on its own. The next day I felt like that silly little pill was lodged between my shoulder blades. I drank water, I ate, and still the pill remained, or so I thought. My mother, nurse extraordinaire, informed me in an email that I had suffered a chemical burn in my esophagus and would just have to endure. Note to all future pill swallowers: Take with water! 
  • Over the last couple of month, in preparation for Africa, I have grown accustom to eating some form of dessert after dinner every night. Well, that has only worked against me since arriving. It’s honestly quite sad how many cravings I have had and it has not even been two weeks. No joke, I have already made three lists. The first list contains foods that I can have my mom send me. The second list contains restaurants that I wish to visit when I return. The third list is food that I can have at home when I return. This is what I have spent my free time doing. Making lists of foods that I wish to consume. One work comes to mind. Pathetic. 
  • “You are going to die." These five lovely words were uttered to me by Amelie. We were in the kitchen getting ready to eat when she dropped the bomb on me. For the past two days I hadn't been feeling good so when I first heard those words without any sort of explanation I thought she was prophesying. But than she continued. She claims I will die because I don't eat. Amelie, see the above paragraph. 
  • Because I hadn't been feeling so good the last couple days I have had hot chocolate delivered to my room morning and night by the sweetest girl, Ange. The first night I made it and it tasted alright but than Ange made it and it was the best hot chocolate I had ever had the pleasure in drinking. Tonight I decided to go to the kitchen with Ange and see what she does differently. You want to know her secrete? Two gigantic spoonfuls of sugar thats what. Did that stop me from downing another cup? Two paragraphs up my friend. 
  • Since I'm on this food rant I might as well share that Rwanda has the best chocolate, and when I say the best I mean it. Cadbury chocolate. Yes, I know America also supplies Cadbury chocolate, but trust me it's not the same. I did an experiment, I'm kind of an expert, so you can trust me. 
  • Waking up at 5 am is never easy, especially when you spend the majority of your night waking up every 5 seconds to flail around because a mosquito has taken an interest in your ear. But knowing that you will be surprising two friends in just a few hours makes it all a little easier. A few days ago I got to see Bosco and Terry. There I was sitting in an office listening to Clever and another man discuss money when I looked over to my left only to see Bosco. I had to use all my self control to stop me from running out of the room to hug him. So instead, while restraining myself, I made a sly face (and when I say sly, I mean stupid and completely obvious face that gave away I wasn't at all engaged in the conversation going on in front of me) and did a low, under the table wave. His response? Smiling, place his hands over his face, saying my name, and pacing back in forth. As soon as the meeting was over I rushed out, to see Terry and Bosco. I only got to spend a couple of minutes with them before I had to leave but it was worth the 5 am wake up call and 4+ hour bus ride. 
  • I have never been one for hugs, mainly because I'm incredibly awkward, but somehow, despite my awkwardness, Benoit's hugs have become my favorite part of the day. 
Just to name a few. And that was me cutting and condensing. I promise a real post will be coming within the week! 

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