I Live Here

I’m not even sure where to begin
Today as I was riding on a moto,
 I started looking around
And I just couldn’t believe that I live here
You guys I live here
Already there have been some frustrations
(tip to future travelers of Rwanda,
bring a VISA, not any other card, 
unless you're feeling in the mood
to be rejected by 100 different banks and ATM's)
but as soon as I make eye contact with a child,
whether their on the street,
in the market,
or at the orphanage,
their simple, beautiful smiles bring me back
Those silly frustrations are suddenly meaningless
And all that matters is seeing that smile again
 I am so blessed to be here
So blessed to live here
So blessed that this is my story
 So blessed that God wrote this adventure all for me

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  1. What an amazing testimony you have!