25 Years

Well hot dog, my parents have been married 25 years as of today! 

*The song they danced to at their wedding*

Can you guys believe it? 

25 years ago this picture was taken

Oh snap

My Grandpa and I tagged along on their dinner

(romantic eh?)
My Mom has an iPhone and I was looking through her pictures
There was one with my Dads face and part of hers
I told them they could click a button and the camera turns
So you no longer have to blindly take pictures
They took at least 5 after this news
I felt like I was sitting across from 16 year olds
It was reassuring 
That after 25 years of marriage you can still be a goober 

The final product
(I ended up taking it)  

Happy 25 years Mom and Dad! 

And a happy many more to come! 


  1. AWWW!! :) Happy Anniversary Momma and Poppa Coop! I love their new picture from dinner- very cute!:)

  2. Ditto that! I love you, Myra! Happy anniversary to both of you! And many more :)