Ma and Pa

Describe your relationship with your parents.

Hmm..where do I even begin. 

Myra Ann Cooper(Holst) and Perry Ray Cooper are my parental units. 

I am really close with my Mom. I can talk to her about anything and love doing so. I always thought girls that said their Moms were their best friends were weird (and lying). I figured maybe when I'm 30 I'll get there. But at age 20 I have officially been categorized as "weird". My Mom is compassionate, caring and has the best laugh.

I think I have a good mixture of both my Mom and Dad but if I had to choose overall I am probably more like my Dad. I am better with written word than speaking and I like to think I get that from my Dad. Because of this we may not always have long deep talks but I know that if I wanted or needed to He would sit there and listen (which He has done plenty). He has the best dry sense of humor, is a great teacher and provider.  

My parents have always been there to support, encourage, discipline, advise and love me. They showed up to my dance classes, gymnastics, play (singular), soccer games and track meets. They "fill up my love cup", even when I resist. Family vacations are always an adventure planned down to the minute. Hiking trips were always a hoot if Erin is involved. We love to joke around with one anther, play games, and watch T.V. In my family we all think were hilarious comedians so we always have a pretty good time together. But most importantly my parents have raised me to know, obey, love and follow God. I have never had kids, so I can't be certain, but I would imagine it can be hard to fully relinquish your child to the will of God. Especially if His will is for your child to travel to another continent (one that you've never been to) and live with orphans for a year. But my parents have done just that. They have given me to my Father in Heaven and are trusting Him with my life. 

God has truly blessed me with amazing parents. I love them. I want to respect, obey and honor them. I want to make them proud of the woman I am. They mean the world to me and sometimes I can't help but think; "I am going to be loving and holding so many beautiful children but who's going to hold me?" 

It will be hard to be away from my family, from that constant comfort and support but I know that I can find comfort in Christ. He is holding me, he is supporting me and I can trust that He will continue to do so and I praise Him for that. I thank Him for giving me parents that taught me what it means to love, obey and trust God. I thank Him for giving me parents the recognize that I am not theirs but His and doing so with joy. I thank God for my parents and the relationship that we have with one another. 

 *Their trying to be funny here 

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